Friday, May 29, 2009


Having a child with a special need brings a lot of mixed emotions ....some emotions that seem to come upon you when you least expect or are aware of them. For the most part we have not had the sadness or grief that I think most parents experience because we chose her with this need and are so aware that without the need we also do not have her. Since the amputation of her foot I have been very sad about the operation and that it needed to be done for her future. We are convinced we did the right thing and yet are sad to see it done knowing that to feel anything else would be denying our humanness.


Momma Bear in me just appeared the other day at the playground so bear with me while I vent. I'm guessing it was because it was the day before we were to travel to Shriner's Hosp. to have this darn cast that falls off at least once a day off FINALLY and I would be seeing her leg without a foot that probably set me off....but anyway I took the girls to the playground ....the ONE FOR DIFFERENTLY ABLED KIDS...ok...when I realized that the only thing Naomi could really do is swing. So I head over to the swings and see that there is one empty and just before getting there a child about 6 or so runs to the swing and gets in it....then his MOM proceeds to push him ( IN THE SWING FOR HANDICAPED CHILDREN )and another child who has now gone to sleep in another swing. She sees the entire thing and does NOTHING! So I just stand there thinking that surely one of the swings will open up in a few minutes while I survey the rest of the park thinking ....What else can she do? She cannot walk and crawling on this hot cement is out . Sandbox NO! Slide NO....because I cannot keep her from hitting bottom with her foot. Looking around I finally thought about the teeter totter, so we went in that direction but the whole time I kept my eye on the swings. We did that for a few minutes but she was restless and wanted to do something else and my arms were getting tired so we went back in the direction of the swings....sat on the bench for a while and just watched everyone playing and still keeping an eye on the swing and getting madder by the moment because the two moms could tell I was waiting for one of the swings. Now at this point I think they were determined that they were NOT letting them go just because I wanted/needed ONE .....did I say they had 4 between them....and they continued to push their children.

I just could not believe that they would not let one of the swings go and I kept saying to myself ....swinging is the ONLY thing she can do right now ...why would they act like this... And then it happened on the inside of me. Now, I normally had been telling people that asked about her leg that she had an operation because I just didn't feel like strangers need to know the details and people get all wierd reactions from saying she had her foot amputated. But this day as I sat inside the jungle gym thingy so she could at least play with some of the thingys another mom asked me about her leg and I said it JUST FOR THE REACTION! I was so mad at not being able to swing her and ya know I should have gone up to the two moms and said what I did JUST FOR THEIR REACTION so they could feel XXXX (not even printable) about the way they were hogging the swings. But, I did not.

Now all is not lost , because I know they went home thinking about ME and how THEY did not give up their swings until they were good and ready.

Our vist to Shriners on Monday went very well. We saw the prothesist and she was fitted with her new leg and foot . It is very real looking and is the same color as her skin because I wanted it to blend in and not clash with all her pretty dresses and outfits. I know some kids have different colors and designs especially boys, but next time if she wants something different we will do that. She did not want to put it on and would not stand up with it on either . She cried the entire time and I think was scared mostly. The foot part is so adorable and has real looking toenails . We keep asking her if she wants some new piggies....she says NO!....She'll get used to it. We go back July 6 to stay 5 days for therapy to use it. We are almost there!


whtmtnmom said...

Oh Cindi, I am so sorry those other moms were so inconsiderate! If there's ever anyone waiting for a swing, we always try to take a short turn. Makes me mad for you.

David and Sarah said...

I am so sorry for this yucky park experience. It's so frustrating when we want to do something for our children, and we can't (for whatever reason).

I wanted to respond to your question about brushing therapy. I could definitely give you a fuller explanation, or I think that any occupational therapist could give you the information. They always do it in conjunction with joint compression. The whole process takes about 5 minutes, 3 times per day. It is so worth it! I wish that I would have started it sooner. I was kissing Jadon all over his face today, and there was no screaming, wriggling or uncontrollable laughter. was heaven for me!!! I love to kiss my kiddos and Jadon has always been too ticklish for a lot of hugs and kisses.

I'm going to be gone for a couple of days, but feel free to email me at and I can give you some more information when I get back home.


Heather Campbell Colley said...

Mom, I would have been mad to!! Some moms at the park are so rude!! I hate when they put older kids in baby swings and then I have to stand there holding Ayden, and they do not even care that their children do not NEED these things. Next time just make a big to do!! people need to be considerate to special needs, you have a right to those things that are there for her!! or just have rissa fuss at them!!

The Gang's Momma said...

I'm so sorry for the frustration you guys endured at the park. It's sad to know that those moms couldn't teach their kids (special needs or not!) that those waiting for a turn ought to be considered. Simple consideration for those around us is something we should all be learning and those moms missed the chance to speak and model that for their kids.

I'm glad that the fitting went well. I'm so anxious to read more and learn more about the journey toward helping her adapt to it. I wonder if you can paint the nails of the "piggies" in some fun colors. Would she like them more if you could? Just a thought . . .

Cindi Campbell said...

Thanks for all the supportive comments. In that one moment of time I was at such a loss as what to do with her. I could not put her down on the hot cement and there was no grass and I knew she would be crawling on hot plastic or metal equipment or sand or water. It just did not seem fair .

Susan said...

Hey Cindi,

How heartbreaking... I'm sorry you had to endure this.

I've had many frustrations with my Jordan over the years.

It's amazing how people can be so inconsiderate.

I pray you won't have to endure this ever again.

I'm going to send a neat poem to you about Mom's with special needs children. I'll have to find it first.

So blessed she's doing well and loving her new prosthesis.

Miss you guys♥

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I just read this and am so mad now! people can be so self-absorbed.... ok just down right self-ish. I am so sorry you had to go through this. sigh.
Here's a hug from us. {{}}} ;)