Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh Happy Day

Take a walk with me again down memory lane . It was 3 yrs. ago this week we received the sweetest soul ever this side of eternity! Naomi came into our lives with such a calm sweet disposition and I am fond of saying she is my reward. Such a friendly lil thing, never meets a stranger and blesses everyone she meets (except for the cashier she told "you got fat") Oh, my I was mortified when I realized she told the girl that. We had just been talking about how our cat really got fat and you know when she saw the girl.......well, I guess she just thought she needed to know. And she's been prone to ask people their names and where they live. I've been working on teaching her not to ask about people's secrets. But , then when she asks someone how they got hurt and then proceeds to show them her leggy and how it helps her the kindness in her soul comes shining through. I know God has an awesome plan to use her in the lives of people with injuries or other disabilities. She is just now really coming to an understanding of her own disability although she is able to do everything anyone else can. For the first time this summer when we began to go to our neighborhood pool we encountered our first obstacle in her dealing with the amputation of her foot and that was how to get into the pool. She actually learned to swim just this summer and I was amazed at how fast and fearlessly she took to the water. She was swimming on her own in only a few weeks. But, still getting from the poolside chairs to the pool on the hot concrete was a challenge. I could carry her and put her in, or leave her prosthetic by the side of the pool to get wet, or she could hop on one foot . None of which are good! Swimming with the prosthetic is out of the question now that she is swimming without it. Maybe we will figure it out next year. We traveled to Shreveport Shriner's last monday for the fitting of leggy #3 and they will be shipping it to us this week. She can't wait and told somebody "my leggy's coming in a box and it's going to surprise us" .