Friday, May 1, 2009

We're Home

Exhausted but glad to be home again. We are settling in and finding out just what Naomi can do in her cast. We were told she will likely crawl in her cast just don't let her try to bear weight . I guess we don't have to worry about her climbing cabinets for a while. She's sitting her just watching TV and playing with some toys. Thank you guys for praying for us. The trip home was a breeze. We go back in 3 weeks to have the cast removed and then a few weeks again to be fitted for her prothesis and then we will have a little stay to learn to walk again. We just cannot say enough good things about Shriners...from the way they cared for Naomi and us while we were there. A few before and after photos.


Aus said...

You're welcome Cindi - and the 'wagon / wheelchair' - I have to admit that we're very impressed - very ingenious! We'll continue with our prayers as Naomi recovers and grows!

hug - aus and co.

Susan said...

Hey Cyndi,

So glad you guys made it back and Naomi is doing well.

She sounds like one very bright little girl!! She is just precious.

She is so blessed to have you and Grant to love and take care of her.

Thanks for keeping us posted.

We missed you guys at Glen's 50th!

The Gang's Momma said...

So glad to hear you are home now, and recuperating in comfy surroundings. I'm sure that you all feel so much more peaceful now.

I'm continuing to pray for you all and the kids have taken quite an interest in your story. Seems that my little guy has a classmate whose daddy lost his leg due to complications in a car accident just this week. My little guy is so tender-hearted, he teared up when I was telling them about Naomi and told me about his friend's daddy. So we're praying for both families now. Hugs to you all.