Sunday, July 26, 2009

News Story

Just wanted to share a cute photo and story of Naomi from our local paper. We were at Shriners Childrens Hospital the same week the vote was taken to keep the hospitals open and so our local newspaper sent a reporter to the hospital to interview someone from the New Orleans area and we were selected. The pictures and video he took of some of her first steps with the prosthesis are priceless. You can see the pic and story at .

Saturday, July 11, 2009

And......she's WALKING

We traveled to Shreveport Shriners on Monday and expected to be there until Fri. She has adapted so well to her prosthesis that we left a day earlier. Putting the foot on was a challenge at first but now I have figured out how to get it on right. She actually loves it now and cries when I take it off. We are working our way up to wearing it all day except for naps and night time. It really is the cutest thing without a sock and shoe. I included a couple of pictures without socks so you can see the toes. Adorable. The first day was tough and she cried when we put it on but after being able to walk she realized she was mobile and loved it. Naomi amazed the therapists by adapting so well so fast and we believe that learning to walk on her little foot was a big help. She did not need any encouragement to try it out and she walked all over the hospital. I had trouble keeping up with her as she found new things to see and she was trying to run by the 3rd day.

We actually may make the local paper down here in New Orleans . Because the hospital was in danger of closing the last few months they had a new turn of events and sent a reporter to interview someone from this area. I am so blessed to have actual footage of some of her first steps and many, many pictures. Can't wait to see some of it. We are so happy the Shriner's will stay open not only for us but the many, many children that need it in this area.