Sunday, June 14, 2009

Healing Nicely

We leave for Shriners in the morning for the fitting for her prothesis. Her incision is healing nicely and she had her first real bath in several weeks. We've been giving her partial baths in the sink, or used the hand held shower. She loves her baths so much. We got shoes for the fitting this week and I am not sure about the size....they will really be the first shoes she can walk in. We are excited to see the end result of the amputation .....the ability to walk without a limp. A few weeks from now I will travel again to Shreveport for her therapy with her new leg and foot.

She is such a trooper and nothing keeps her down. In fact she is back to her old antics of climbing on the counters and getting stuck in places. LOL. I had to rescue her yesterday because she had pulled out the bottom drawer to get to the top drawer in the bathroom and got her arm stuck in the top drawer. Oh, My she has learned to open doors.....nothing is safe anymore. She stands on her one tippy=toe and hangs onto the doorknob and lets her body weigh fall and the door opens. I have to make certain the dead bolts are in place in the front door or she would crawl to the street. She is a mover. LOL

(don't know why I cannot put this post in right order)