Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ridiculously Proud

We just came home from our day trip to Shriner's Hospital for Children yesterday where Naomi was fitted for her second prosthesis. I convinced them to mail it to us so we don't have to do the 5 hr. drive there and back. So *leggy* will be arriving in the mail. She was a bit fearful of what might be happening but I kept saying that leggy has to see the Dr. She is just fine as long as she is not the one. LOL .

Before we met Naomi I wondered what kind of feelings I would have when other people saw she had a birth defect and ultimately her prosthesis. I wondered if she would want to hide it or be self-conscious about it. Yesterday we saw lots of children with birth defects and she saw beautiful children missing a hand or an arm. She is starting to understand a bit about her birth defect and that other people have difficulties as well. She saw people walking with crutches and asked them if they were going to be OK. Such a caring nature she has. Naomi is such a great kid with a wonderful outlook on the world even though she has had a rough start. Nothing slows her down and she doesn't know the words I can't do it. She tries to do everything even though there are times she surely should not. I am the one who is more cautious about the physical aspects of her adventurous nature. And you know I find myself *ridiculously proud* for someone to see she has a prothesis and yet is not afraid to climb and jump and try the most challenging activities.