Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Turn of Events

Well, it has been a rough couple of weeks for us. In November of last year at Children's Hosp. in New Orleans we were given some good news about Naomi's leg and foot and thought she would be a good candidate for leg-legnthing ; but inspite of the good things about her condition it seems she is NOT a good candidate for that process to legnthen her leg . We have been to 3 other doctors to seek other opinions and it seems that amputation of the foot is the standard treatment for fibular hemimelia. We took a trip up to Shreveport Shriner's Hosp. to seek their opinion and it seems that legnthening will solve only one problem with her leg. We have been advised that amputation of her foot and fitting with a prothetic foot will give her the best mobiity and will be the least painful treatment. As hard as that news has been for us to accept with every Dr. visit we learn more about her condition and why amputation is recommended. The other route will take at least 4 operations and yet she would still have to wear a brace and still have a limp. We want the best mobility for her, the best functioning limb so she can walk, run, and even dance without limitations. Prothetics have come so far and if we do it while she is so young she will grow up not knowing anything else. Of course we did know this was a possiblity when we first accepted her referral but were hoping for another outcome.

We surely do need prayer for our family as we have been preparing our other girls for this. They do know about the plan now and even last night they both cried as we told them what we felt would be good for Naomi. It was so sad. We are set up for early August but if there is a cancellation we will take an earlier appt.