Thursday, September 18, 2008

Orphanage Visit

We took the 3 hour ride to Wuxi Orphanage to see where Naomi has been for her entire life. The grounds were breathtakingly beautiful. Large trees and manicured gardens. The classrooms for the preschoolers were very bright with wooden tables and lots of crafts the children had done. We then went up the stairs to the nursery where Naomi had slept and the room she played in. It was such an emotion time for her to see her nannies again and the familiar nursery and I could see she was very confused. But, just the same I think good for her to see us interact with her caregivers and she saw that they approve of us. It seems the girls were more relaxed and settled on the bus ride back to the hotel. We also passed by our girl's finding spots and were able to take pictures. We then stopped briefly at a market and purchased a few gifts to be able to present to the girls from their home town.


Maggi, Jim, Abby and Anna said...

Congratulations Cyndi and Grant! You all look happy, especially Naomi. Wow, you actually got to go to the orphanage. What an amazing experience. Thank you so much for blogging your trip. It is such a priviledge to be able to pray for you while you travel. We are and will continue to pray for peace, strength for the journey, God's mercy and traveling favor toward you while this trip concludes.

David and Sarah said...

So glad that you were able to visit the orphanage. It really looks lovely.

Heather Campbell Colley said...

hurry and bring her home!!! we miss you. Addison wants to meet her new aunt and new best friend!! love you!!! hurry home... heather

Kellyann said...

What a mixed blessing to go to the orphanage and see where you child has lived. I am so happy you were able to know and actually see her finding spot as well.

Tracy Peed :: Creator/ Designer said...

Congratulations - Naomi is beautiful. I hope all is going well with your trip.

XingFu Mama-