Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's Official

Well it's official. She's ours and she is such a sweetheart. A very gentle, calm, sweet little girl. She loves to be held and cries when I put her down. She actually will let Grant hold her if I'm not in the room. She has not done much crying at all which is much different from Mia and Marissa who were both in foster care. We meet her nannies and they loved her so much . I think she was quite the favorite. We are calling her Princess Naomi. Her feet never touch the floor.


Mommy said...

We've been wondering where you were. Congratulations! She is precious. I think it is perfectly fine for her feet not to touch the ground. So exciting to see a baby girl in your arms. Take care :-)

V said...

I am so happy. She is incredibly beautiful. It is so good to see you together finally. I'm so proud of you and Grant for reaching out to God's forgotten children. I remember when you came to my house in high school and spent hours on the internet looking up girls in China and how to adopt them. It is so beautiful to see those dreams come true, not once, but three times. God bless you and all that you do.

David and Sarah said...

She's beautiful!

Elaine said...

Congratulations! Its so wonderful to see you all together. Thanks for sharing your journey.
Elaine (Homeland)

whtmtnmom said...

Congratulations, Cindi! Sounds like it is going very, very well. That's one of her nannies in the background, right? She was Chloe's too. Have a wonderful time in China!


One Happy Momma said...


Naomi is precious and a princess! :)

Blessings -

Cathy from LCC

Heather Campbell Colley said...

mom- my little sister is so beautiful!! i cannot wait to meet her. he neice and nephew cannot wait to meet her and they miss their nanna. hurry home i miss my mom!!

Michelle said...

Congratulations!!!! Oh, she is just so precious....I am so very happy for you all!! : )