Saturday, November 13, 2010


and into the garage....she went. Dad caught the adorable grey kitten for Marissa to snuggle with at night. We really hoped that she would help Marissa go to sleep easier. He put that snarling, scratching, hissing ball of fur into the crate and put a top on it. He filled the crate with an old blanket and put some water and food into the crate. Snuggled with her every day. Lots of face time and reassuring her she would be OK! Sounds kinda like our adoptions, huh! She rewarded us with loud purring and a softening of her body towards us. Decided after a week it was time to bring her home from Dad's office by the woods. We delighted in her antics the first day as we let her come out of the bathroom for hours at a time to play. Time to move to the garage we decided . Let her out there to roam all night BUT the next morning she was no where to be found. Did she sneak out somewhere or go under the car? We checked every crevice and under the hood and I slammed the doors lots of times praying she was not in the engine. Drove off to go do all day errands and came back to an empty food bowl and a full litter box. KWIM! We gave her a couple more days to come out. BUT, nothing again but the empty food bowl and full litter box. So now I am waiting here with the garage door open letting her see total freedom. Will she take it? Not gonna feed and clean up poop for a no-show! Crazy cat! She coulda had a great family.

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Aus said...

Ya'll will end up like me - two cats I feed every day for the pleasure of a 'quick visual' as they wander thru the yard from time to time! ;) That's 'family' to cats!

hugs - aus and co.