Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Beautiful Girls

DH casually says to me last Sat. evening during church after he made a trip back home for some clean clothes because someone had an accident, "I had a thought" . Hmm...I said "What" "Maybe you ought to start the paperwork for the next one...." Hmm.. I said "I think our I171h is still good".....Hmm....NOT!!!! I know to quit when I'm ahead. But, seriously that is his heart. He would have a houseful if we thought we could live through it.


David and Sarah said...

That's beautiful! How many men are like that?! Not many!!! Bravo for your dh!

Mommy said...

beautiful indeed! Thanks for replying to my post about trip expenses. It was very helpful.

www.theadoptionmirror.blogspot.com said...

Your home! Your girls are adorable! Thank you for your kind post on our adoption blog. We can hardly wait till we are able to bring Katie, and maybe Margarita, home! Your little Naomi is a doll! God is so good!

Stutzman Family in MT

Christine said...

That's sweet. My husband and I have swapped places each time we add to our family. Right now, though, having two RADishes ... we're both happy to make no plans until they can find some healing.

Still ... I get my baby and toddler fix from friends' kids!!!