Sunday, October 5, 2008

Home update

Naomi is settling into her new home and loving it. At first I think she felt lost at times because our home is so much larger than she is accustomed to at the orphanage and especially than our hotel room. Of course I am busy cleaning and cooking and generally running around the house trying to get all things done. Sometimes she sees me flying by trying to accomplish wash or whatever and holds out her hands. I guess I could put her in the baby carrier and carry her with me , but she really likes being on the floor playing or exploring something. So for now I pick her up and TRY doing it onehanded. Sometimes it works, sometimes not..... I end up flying around the house while she is sleeping or intently playing. It's working fine and she fits in soooo well here. We are loving her and her sweet, calm nature. I can put her in her high chair with cheerios and she is fine. She went to our church last night for her first service and you should have heard all the oohs and awws. She loves people and of course will go to anyone having just come from the orphanage but she looks at me and wants back in my arms. (By the way , we are allowing others to hold her this week , but will actively practice attachment parenting by not encouraging this practice .) She is our first orphanage baby having 2 others in foster care and that was an entirely different experience. She is such a joy to us and we are so blessed .


David and Sarah said...

So glad that your precious girl is adapting well. God had just the right place for her!

Mommy said...

She looks like she's doing well. I'm so glad!