Friday, August 22, 2008

Still Waiting for Travel Approval

OK! I'm getting a little antsy waiting for Travel Approval. Sent off for our Visa's and we are talking about what to do during our downtime before we receive Naomi Tao Xuan. Actually talked with our travel agent and he was so funny. Saying we need to do all our fun stuff before we get baby. I told him with 2 other little ones at home having one was going to be a vacation!!!! He just laughed. I am actually looking forward to just being with my hubby for a couple of days by ourselves. Grant is so good on these trips to fetch our girls. It is so wonderful to work together to make something so wonderful come about. It is such a special time for us as a couple to receive our daughters into our life. We are almost there!!!!

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The Gang's All Here! said...

Waiting with you . . . was so hoping to hear something this a.m. - not crazy about the long weekend till Monday's news . . . if there even is news!

Had to laugh about the vacation thing. We are in the same boat - using our three days in Beijing before baby to "be" together and relax and connect. Haven't had time alone away together in several years! And certainly not three or four days like we'll get before meeting Aidan. And haven't been able to welcome a baby into our home "just the two of us" since Shaggy was born - 14 years ago!!

Thanks for the uplifting look at the wait - this is what I love about the adoption community I've found . . .