Friday, August 15, 2008

IF I PACK WILL IT COME? Travel Approval?

Well, I decided to pack a few days ago.....BUT, now I am wondering if I even have the right clothes for late Sept. early Oct. In fact we first started this journey July 4, 2007, matched with Xi, Tao Yan (Malia) in Sept07 , thought we might even travel in March 08. So much for MY plans. We had such a wake-up call when our precious Malia passed away in the orphanage. (You can read about it in my other blog Matched again in May with Xi, Tao Xuan. So now we wait for Travel Approval. SO many thoughts are going through my head. Am I ready? Are my girls ready for another sister? What else do I need to do? Will anything fit? How will she grieve?.....And yet excitement too....We're really going back to China! Can't wait to hold this little one in my arms.....ahhhh! It's going to be so good.


The Gang's All Here! said...

"If I pack, will it come?!" If that's the case, then I'm off to pack like a fiend! Packing maniac, that's me :)

Nothing about this journey has been "just the way I thought it would be," and I'm startled by how hard the wait for TA has been. Not that losing Xiao Yun's referral was a walk in the park, but the finality of that was a mark to move forward. This wait? There is NO moving forward and choosing to move on. Until. TA. Arrives.


David and Sarah said...

Praying that your TA arrives soon!

Michelle said...

Hi Cindi!

You had left a comment on our blog a little while back and I am just now getting the chance to visit yours. First, I want to tell you what a beautiful family that you have!!! Next, I was reading about your adoption journey and my heart goes out to you as I can only imagine the heartbreak your whole family has felt.

How exciting, though, that your LOA has arrived for your precious Naomi and just one more acronym to go...come on TA!!!!

I am looking forward to following your trip to your sweet little girl!

Have a wonderful day!