Monday, April 19, 2010

Chloe` Jeanette

Introducing beautiful Chloe`Jeanette Beaver. She arrived on Monday the 12th a beautiful bundle of joy. So sweet and pink weighing in at 7.7 our 5th grandchild. Naomi saw her at the hospital and once at home. She walks around all day saying "Chloe so beautiful" at just the right time too when she's in trouble for digging into someone's stuff. She's learning to use her leggy to her advantage also. Just the other day I would not let her go outside because it was too wet and so she threw herself down and took off her leggy just for spite. Then looked at me to see what I thought about it.....just walked away....she put it back on. We made the trip to Shriner's to have leggy adjusted and on the way I told her we would see the Dr. She cried and said "NO". So then I asked if leggy could see the Dr. and she said "sure". So now she walks up to people and tells them "leggy saw Dr." When she is in trouble she tells me "leggy saw Dr." as if to say remember about my leg mom!


Wuxi Mommy said...

Your little Chloe is so precious! And how funny is it how Naomi takes her "leggy" off!! It was great to see some new pictures and it looks like Naomi is adapting really well.

Aus said...

Congrats on your new grand baby - she is just a doll! Great updates - glad things are going OK for you guys!

hugs - aus and co.