Friday, October 23, 2009

Ye-O-Ba and cute pics

Naomi's language is exploding and she is speaking so many new words. Her frustration is increasing too as WE struggle to understand her and her requests. Just this morning over and over she says Ye-O-ba and I ask over and over for her to say it again thinking I surely will get it this times...but no...So she says it over and over getting so mad by now. It's a new word for sure but I finally figured it out when I went to get her some cereal......It's cheerios in a bowl....Ye-O-ba....ha ha. It's so funny now that I figured it out.

Marissa had a funny saying for her Cheerios too because we would ask her do you want Cheerios in a bag (as a snack, dry ) or in a bowl . So if she wanted them with milk she would say "I want Cheerios in a bag in a bowl" She always thought cheerios were "cheerios in a bag".

No matter what Naomi is wearing for the day she manages to find the tutu and put it on too so every outfit has to have it. It is itchy and scratchy and she complains but WILL NOT let me take it off.

Here is Naomi and Annazelle playing. They are so cute together learning to play together and share.


The Gang's Momma said...

Too cute! This morning, Li'l Empress enjoyed "wah-kuls" with her "joooos" for breakfast. And then she donned her "cools" (sunglasses) for a fashion show for Mommy. :)

Aus said...

Very cool - and like you I have trouble understanding (then again maybe it's the hearing aids or both!) So we've reverted to ASL from time to time to lower our frustration level! But any port in a storm!

hugs - aus and co.