Monday, July 21, 2008

Photo Album in China

I am waiting rather impatiently for MY phone call from my agency with some good news about our LOSC that is the Letter of Seeking Confirmation asking me if after all this time and energy and waiting I do still want to adopt Xi, Tao Xuan. Can you imagine saying anyone saying nope-changed my mind. But, seriously perhaps people do change their mind or find out more information about the child they petitioned for or perhaps their circumstances changed drastically.

Last week I sent to my agency a SASSY PICTURE BOOK with our pictures and the girls also so she can see her mama and baba. I get tears in my eyes just thinking about how the nannys could be right this minute telling her about us. Amazing. They will use it to talk to her and prepare her for us. Just the same I am sure she will cry and miss her nanny and the only home she has ever known. My mind goes back to the day we met Mia and how scared and small she was and how much she cried. We were so happy and she so sad. And that is how it is for some and for a while, after the grieving process they get happy---after all they have a mom and dad all to themselves showering love and lots of food and hey, life gets good for them.


shelley said...

we sent our photo album a few weeks ago and those were my thoughts exactly.

I wish the LOAs would come quickly

V said...

=) In God's good time.

The Gang's All Here! said...

We ordered an orphanage call and a care package sent out to our sweetie last week and I thought for sure I'd hear back on the phone call by now. I'm like CRAWLING THE WALLS waiting to hear :) With ya, for sure!